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Exam Preparation classes


The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is designed to help you work, study or migrate to a country where English is the native language. This includes countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and USA.


Students will improve their general English skills in preparation for ITest of English as a Foreign Language examination (TOEFL). Students will gain knowledge on the exam requirements and success strategies.


Jitsuyo Eigo Gino Kentei (Test in Practical English Proficiency) It is arguably the most popular practical English-language proficiency testing programs in Japan.

English Conversation classes


Business English: Designed to prepare students to use English in work situations. Students will develop English skills with a focus on business contexts and environments, and they will learn business related vocabulary.


Speaking Practice: The goal of this course is to help students improve their spoken English skills to enable them to communicate more effectively in English. Topics of discussion are general everyday subjects.


Life Abroad: Designed to encourage students to use English in discussion about various topics related to preparation, travel and settling abroad. Students will deeply consider various factors about life abroad using the target language.


What previous my students have said about my lessons. 

He taught me very sincerely. thank you. I made a reservation because it was a topic of Africa in the daily news, but it was a meaningful lesson to hear the opinions of the students.

Take daily news. He took the time to discuss and asked a lot of non-text questions. He didn't leave much in the chat, but he summarizes what he said in the correct sentence and repeats it.

It was easy to hear because I spoke slowly! He also pointed out small details such as missing a! I thought it would be even better if I had a little more energy.

He has a calm impression, and the English he speaks is easy to understand.

He was a good pronunciation teacher ☆ Thank you.

Although he was an African teacher, the line condition was very good and never interrupted. He was easy to pronounce and had no problem with how to proceed with the lesson.

A very gentleman teacher.

Thank you for your polite teaching! Practice pronunciation.

As usual, I had a lot of conversation and enjoyed taking lessons.

He is a very nice teacher and very kind teacher. Thank you for your wonderful class.

He taught me slowly and politely.

Eddie is very calm and gave me convincing answers. I really like him. Thank you very much.

They always give me gentle training

He was very polite. I enjoyed his lesson a lot!

It was a pity that I couldn't deepen the content because I had only questions. The topic is too much.

He is a polite teacher who does not miss the textbook and gives a precise lesson. It's so calm that it's easy to get attention.

I asked for a free talk. The English is relaxed, calm and beautiful. African Religion

It was a teacher with a calm atmosphere. It was the second time today, but I would like to receive it again.

It was a teacher with a calm atmosphere. It was the second time today, but I would like to receive it again. Just like last time, he will give you some nice and important advice. thank you for the lesson and advise which is useful and nice.

It was a slow and polite lesson. He also taught me phrases that might be useful.

He is a very kind teacher who is really calm and can be received with peace of mind. They carefully selected the words in easy-to-hear English and gave me a polite explanation.

A very kind teacher. According to this, he will speak in an easy-to-understand manner.

A very polite teacher. It will be explained in easy-to-understand English.

He talked slowly and it was very easy to hear. Thank you very much.

Eddie is always perfect.

It was a very meaningful lesson because I was good at proceeding with the lesson in easy-to-understand English. I'm a very good teacher, so I would like you to teach me other teaching materials such as 5minuts discussions.

He politely pointed out even small grammatical mistakes during the chat, and I learned a lot in 25 minutes.

Thank you so much! I had a nice lesson and conversation with you.

Thank you for the lesson! Not only following the textbook, but he also advised me some other phrases related to the real situation and shared my good and opportunity area, and that’s good learning for me!

A gentleman who speaks clean and smooth English. It was helpful not only to speak English without any mistakes, but also to teach me how to make it sound natural.

You are used to teaching English to students. So I have been attended your lesson almost every day when you open your lesson. Sorry, I'm so talkative, sometimes we get off our track. Thanks for your teaching eagerly and politely

The class was fun and easy to understand. Naturally, it was very helpful for me to give me time to talk for free. I want to take a lesson again next time.

Eddie is great to study with! He is very patient and prepares well for every lesson. Highly recommended!

Thank you for taking time today! I will continue to study English and improve my English skill. I’m looking forward to see you!



Thank you so much! I had a good practice for making sentences.

I enjoyed your lesson. Thank you and have a nice day!


Thank you for the last evening lesson. Also thank you for the document pdf! (did you make them all only by yourself? That's great!) I'll keep learning English here. See you again!

Hi Eddie-san, it was nice to see you last night. I appreciate you shared your thoughts and situations on the topic. Also, thank you for the idioms you send in the chat box, which I found was interesting. Please have your self a great weekend. See you soon.

Thank you for teaching how to introduce not only myself but another person. It is a typical situation in the business settings like " i would like you to meet :::". that i need to get used to Looking forward to seeing you again.

Thank you for usuful lesson and advices. I'll continue to learn English as your saying.

Nice to meet you, too. At first, a pause your reaction made me worry that my English was not good and annoying you. However, I was a little relieved to hear that you stay Kenya and there is a time difference. Thank you for teaching me the importance of paying equal attention to the four skills. I still have a lot to learn, but I will continue to study hard with a positive attitude.

It is useful because I am not good at memorizing words, thanks you.

Thank you for teaching me some new phrases and expressions.

Thank you for your feedback, Eddie. It was s good lesson yesterday and I enjoyed it!

It was a very easy-to-understand and polite lesson! I'll do my best to improve my English! Thank you!!

Thank you for attending the presentation practice today. See you next time in the basic program.

Thank you for your kindness and meticulous coaching in the last lesson. I am really appreciated. You gifted me so many sheets of homework. I will complete it soon. Just keep in touch with me.

I appreciate for your considerate lesson for three months. I hope I will take your lesson in next phase as well. See you soon, and have a happy new year!

Thank you for your comments, which cheered me up.

Thank you for the lesson! I'm sometimes confused pronunciation the word about the "feature" and the "future". I will practice aloud more.

    My Approach

    The main focus of my teaching approach is to build interest, engagement and enjoyment as well as comfort, in students as they express themselves in the English language.

    This can be achieved through getting the students fully involved in aspects such as English culture, people, and places. Here carefully selected activities and authentic materials (books, articles, news reports, dialogues and videos), will be used. The content will enhance student-speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.

    Being aware that some students seek to acquire language skills for use in business, travels or for exam preparation. Emphasis on the improvement of their vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar skills, will be made, through continued assessment.

    Ultimately the key objective is having the students use the language in meaningful communication through practice of dialogue in real life situations.

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